Frequently Asked Questions

Meidl Water Systems is Here to Give You Peace of Mind and Information About Your Water System.

These well and water system frequently asked questions come right from well owners and customers and should provide a basic understanding of your well, water well pump, and pressure tank.

Should I hire Meidl Water Systems or a plumber?

Call Meidl Water Systems in the following scenarios:

  1. Water stops running
  2. Water pressure decreases or fluctuates
  3. Water changes color or smells
  4. Water testing is needed
  5. Excessive or strange noises by the pressure tank
  6. Well pump is not working properly
  7. Water system maintenance
  8. Installing or replacing a well, well pump or pressure tank

You should hire a plumber when:

  1. Sewer line is blocked
  2. Septic tank needs service
  3. Sump pump or water heater fails
What is the tank in my basement?

This is a pressure tank and it is there to provide water for use. When the pressure in the tank lowers to a certain point, the well pump turns on to refill it with water.

My water pressure changes and I hear a lot of clicking near the pressure tank. Why is this happening?

You hear clicking because the well pump is turning on and off rapidly. This may indicate a waterlogged pressure tank. Call for service immediately as this will cause damage to your well pump.

How much air should be in the pressure tank?

The air pressure should be two pounds less than the pump turn-on pressure setting. (Example: The pump runs from 40-60 pounds so the bladder should be inflated to 38 pounds.)

Where is the pump?

For most water systems, the pump is submersed in your well. The pressure tank is not your water pump.

How long should the pump run when in use?

When your pump turns on to fill the tank, it will make one clicking noise. It should run for a full minute and click again when it turns off. Excessive clicking indicates several possible problems. Call for service soon to prevent further damage to your system.

Will my pump wear out if it is running steady while I am using a lot of water?

No. The system is designed to move water continuously. There is only an issue if the motor has frequent starting and stopping.

What is the gray/green box on the wall near the pressure tank with wires running to it?

This is a control box and should not be tampered with as it contains the electrical components of the pump motor. If there isn’t a control box, your start control is within the motor. For more questions or a perceived problem with your control box, contact Meidl Water Systems at 920-732-1600.

Should my well be shocked?

We recommend “shocking” or “treating” wells one time a year to help control bacterial growth. To schedule a well treatment, contact Meidl Water Systems at 920-732-1600.

What preventative maintenance can I do myself?
  1. Verify the air pressure in tank bladder. See the fourth FAQ for preferred settings.
  2. Keep the area around the pressure tank clean.
  3. Do not allow pets to soil well casing. It is also recommended this area be free from weeds and anything that can attract bugs.
  4. Annual well shocking will reduce the need for major well servicing. Simple well chlorination will control the bacteria and iron buildup in your well. Well cleaning instructions are provided here. If you have further questions please call our office.

If you have any further questions or think your water system needs maintenance, contact Meidl Water Services at 920-732-1600. To learn more about how we can help you, please visit our Services page.

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