Meidl Water Systems is committed to provide you with high-quality, well-engineered products from our vendors. We highly recommend all stainless steel, corrosion resistant well pumps to deliver long-term, trouble-free service. We are a proud provider of Aermotor and Grundfos pumps because of their durable construction, quiet operation, and dependable performance.

Quality goes beyond the well pumps. We expect it from the ShurAlign schedule 120 PVC pipe as well as the flat, fine multi-stranded pump wire to render stability and eliminate power transmission problems within the well respectively.

Amtrol pressure tanks have been a proven performer. They are the original bladder tank and set the industry standard. They are built to deliver reliable pump protection and water delivery. Franklin Electric's constant pressure controllers vastly improve your home water system. Using variable speed technology, SubDrive and MonoDrive continuously monitor water demand and adjust the speed of your pump to provide the water you need without pressure fluctuations.

Aermotor and Grundfos well pumps and Amtrol pressure tanks carry a five year warranty. All other products carry a one year warranty from date of installation. The warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser and only during the time in which the original retail purchaser occupies the site where the product was originally installed. The warranty does not apply to any product which has been subjected to negligence, alteration, accident, abuse, misuse, vandalism, or acts of God.

If you have any questions with your system or need additional information, please contact us.