Meidl Water Systems is highly skilled at connecting farmers’ wells to their operations, from the smallest hobby farms to large-scale industrial operations that require large quantities of water. We are experts in ensuring farms pump enough water to different areas of the operation or to your house and setting the precise water pressure with pressure tanks or constant pressure variable speed pumps. 

We know stray voltage can be an issue with ear tag readers and general cow comfort. Working collaboratively with our trade partners, we have resolved many of these issues.

If your operation has over 25 employees and requires special well licensing and operation, we are operator-certified for other than municipal non-transient non-community water systems.

Knowing that breakdowns happen on farms when they are least wanted, you can be assured Meidl Water Systems will be able to respond to any emergency at any time with an effective solution. Meidl also will be there for you for years to come, checking on your water system and making sure your animals are always watered.

You should contact us when:

  1. Water stops running
  2. Water pressure decreases or fluctuates
  3. Water turns color or smells
  4. Water is leaking from your pressure tank
  5. Water pipes need replacement
  6. Installing or replacing a well, pressure tank or well pump
  7. Performing well, well pump or pressure tank maintenance

Get in touch with the contact form below or visit our Contact page. If you are looking for our other services, please visit our Other Services page.

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Thank you for your prompt services. Tom was excellent in taking care of the problem in a very courteous and efficient manner. I really appreciate how quickly I was able to have this problem fixed.

Kathy B.