Other Services

Well Installation/Rehabilitation

Properly constructed wells will provide safe, reliable, cost-effective water supplies for sustainable use. Meidl Water Systems will design your system to best fit your needs.

Over time minerals will build up affecting the delivery of water. Meidl can rehabilitate the well to restore the designed performance.

Water Testing

Well owners should test their water at least annually for bacteria, nitrates, and any contaminants of local concern. More frequent testing should be considered if:

  • There is a change in taste, odor, turbidity or color
  • Water system has a history of bacterial contamination
  • If you or your family members are experiencing health issues

Well Abandonment

Once a well is determined to have no current or potential future use, a water well contractor should be contacted to decommission the well. Wisconsin code requires a licensed pump installer or well driller to perform the work. An effort has to be made to remove any pumps, pipes, related equipment, or blockage from the well so that it may be filled in and sealed properly.

Well Sanitizing

If you have water quality issues, it may be time for a well cleaning. Annual well maintenance will reduce the need for major well servicing. Simple well chlorination will control the bacteria and iron buildup in your well. Well cleaning instruction provided here. If you have any questions, please call our office.

More Information

For more information on water quality, groundwater and water wells click on “FAQs” For more specific questions call Meidl Water Systems at 920-732-1600.

Thank you so very much for coming so quickly to fix our well. You do amazing customer service. You are so nice to work with!

Reiny G.